Lettuce cream soup (almost) as my grandmother used to do it

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When she was young, I believe my grandmother was a beautiful woman with her blue-grey eyes and the long blond hair braided in tails, and even she left our world […]Read More

How to make mayonnaise

Recipes, Sauces & Dips, Transylvanian Food Reinvented | January 16, 2016 | Views: 2,478

As a former ballerina, I have a deeply respect for my body. I graduated ballet school for a long time (more than 10 years), but I still remember my ballet […]Read More

Eggplant salad, Transylvanian style

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I have no idea why I’ve chosen the eggplant salad for my first recipe here, but I guess this happened because the Christmas is not gone for long, nor the […]Read More